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Tuesday 05 May 2015

Daniel switches from hotels and broadens his horizons

Experienced chef Daniel Trace has swapped luxury hotels for the kitchens of independents schools, and is broadening his horizons all the time.

Before linking up with Independents by Sodexo, he worked at one of the country’s top luxury hotels, Pennyhill Park, Bagshot, where he was in charge of the brasserie restaurant producing modern, contemporary bistro-style food.

“There isn’t as big a gap as many think between a catering company such as Sodexo and fine dining”, he said. “There’s a misconception within certain companies that we’re just an industrial caterer and that’s all we do; that we don’t have the skills and experience to provide our clients with fine dining. That is something we prove wrong on a daily basis and I love being a part of that.”

 “There’s a lot I can bring to the team at Sodexo from my experience in fine dining,” he said. “A lot of the skills I learned are transferable to roles in hospitality.”

Since joining Independents by Sodexo in January, he has been stepping in a relief chef and getting involved in presentations and special events. He has already worked at Wycombe Abbey, Eton College and Bedford School.

“Every day us a challenge,” he continued. “You walk into a unit and potentially you’ve never been before. You have to learn the facilities, the menu, the names of the staff, how they operate and what the service times are.” “This company is broadening my horizons. We’re so dynamic and forward thinking. I love the emphasis we put on innovation.”

Seasonality and fresh food is important to Daniel. “It’s amazing being a passionate person in a passionate company that cares about the same things,” he said.


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