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Tuesday 19 May 2015

TV chef praises top school food offering

TV celebrity chef Paul Rankin took time off from his various appearances on the small screen to visit The Lady Eleanor Holles School at Hampton, Middlesex.

Paul took time at LEH to speak to the different age groups of students before venturing into the kitchen.

Catering manager Charlotte Townsend said: “He talked informally to the Junior department pupils in the dining hall”. “Many of the seven to 11 year-olds recognised him immediately from seeing him on television while watching Ready Steady Cook or Saturday Kitchen with parents or grandparents”.

“He talked to them about the food they had on their plates and signed autographs for them. He even had a competition with the girls to design a funny autograph with a chef’s hat on”.

In the kitchen, Paul worked with the chefs in each section. “It was fantastic,” said Charlotte. “It was great motivation for the chefs to be able to show him what they can do just doing their day-to-day job.

“Paul was really impressed with our food offering for the school. He told us we were producing good quality food, using good ingredients and that our products are well presented and look good”.


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