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Monday 03 August 2015

Parisian food art heads back across the Channel

Independents by Sodexo executive development chef Tom Allen led the group of chefs on the expedition to Paris and had a video team in tow to film the experience. The focus of the visit was on hospitality catering and on seeing the spread of superb creations at the end of the three days, Tom declared: “It’s absolutely amazing.”

“The chefs will go back and teach their brigade and pass on their skills and ultimately the clients are going to benefit.”

The chefs studied food aesthetics like flavours and texture, as well as the industry’s latest techniques and trends.

Gareth, head chef, said he felt that Sodexo valued and appreciated him when he was offered a place at the famed academy.  “This experience showed me that Sodexo and Lenôtre really care about their workforce” he said. “Our teacher, Matthieu, had incredible enthusiasm. He’s deeply passionate about what he does and he is very good.

“The opportunity helps chefs to raise their game and improve their abilities. Even if you know some of the processes already, the master class refines these skills.  It also jogs your memory and gives you fresh ideas.”

The next trip to Lenôtre is planned for autumn this year.


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