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Monday 10 August 2015

Ex-palace chef revels in fresh approach to school catering

Tom Allen is feeling at home already courtesy of his passion for sourcing fresh, quality ingredients.

Before joining the Independents by Sodexo team in February, Tom spent seven years as head chef at the prestigious Hampton Court Palace, where he often catered for 2,000 guests in a single weekend.

“I’m all about fresh and great quality food. I’ve learned a lot about Sodexo and the schools over the last few months, especially what we offer them in regards to the healthiness and freshness of food.”

As a relief chef, Tom travels across the country advising chefs and their staff in several different schools and really enjoys working with the chefs to improve the structure of their kitchen.

“I travel to wherever I’m needed. There’s so much variety in what we do; one day I could be working on core feeding and then an event on the next.  Recently I had two events in one day: a birthday in the morning and afternoon, followed by a wedding.”

It’s really important to Tom that Sodexo delivers high standards to each school and every student. As an avid sports enthusiast, Toms says he feels that he is appreciated to go the extra mile.

“After a recent business trip to Wales, I received a card from Jeremy Alderton, managing director, thanking me for my hard work. It’s a wonderful thing knowing that you’re valued in the company you work for.

“This is something that’s always been really important to me.  When you put the hard work in and get results, you want to know that this hard work will be rewarded with a thank you from someone high up in the company.”


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