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Tuesday 28 February 2017

Healthier, sustainable meals help wellbeing and planet

Meals that are two-thirds plant-based are now in over 40 schools served by independents by Sodexo as a pilot project with world-leading independent conversation organisation WWF rolls out.

A range of Green and Lean meals which are healthier and more sustainable is independents by Sodexo’s response to reduce the environmental impact of the food it serves.

The food we eat has a huge impact on the health of our planet and our own wellbeing. Intensive food production is a major driver of habitat destruction and climate change and now accounts for a third of our global greenhouse gas emissions.

Sodexo’s corporate responsibility manager, Edwina Hughes, said “We wanted to tackle both environmental and nutritional challenges.  We know that the livestock industry produces more greenhouse gases than transport and sustainable meals are a neat answer to that.”

Tom Allen and his team worked with the WWF, taking on board its LiveWell principles to recreate 10 favourite meals using less meat and more plant-based ingredients for the pilot.

Within six weeks there were already huge sustainable savings.  More than 19,000 Green and Lean meals were served during this time, equating to 1.1kg of fruit, vegetable and pulses and equivalent of the whole weight of a cow in meat was saved, as well as 5,000kg of carbon. Each meal had a carbon reduction of 12 per cent.


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