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Executive Head Chef

I started with Sodexo in March 2018. I have never worked for a large corporate company before. I never realised before starting with Sodexo just how big a company it is, also the variety within the company. It is great to be a part of such a big outfit, where all the chefs across Independents are happy to share their knowledge and skills with each other. As we all know this can be rather a cutthroat business. It has certainly helped me in my role.

Before joining in March, my background was firstly in restaurants and hotels then that evolved into outside catering, I ran my own outside catering company for 8 years before deciding I needed a grown up job. I know it’s cheesy but it is one of the best thing’s I have done in catering. I’m loving my role, it’s tough, it’s rewarding I’m learning all the time and it’s a steep learning curve. But I have the skill set to succeed. I’m looking forward to a successful career with Sodexo where I can further develop my skills and also teach and help others along the way where required.

I was a pupil at King’s College I never thought for one moment I would end up back to where I was schooled as the Executive Head Chef. King’s is an independent boarding school, we cater for up to 650, we also take care of all the hospitality functions. The pupils response to the Back to Basics and the street food offerings we run each half term has been amazing.