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Catering Manager

I started my career as a chef 10 years ago, after marrying a chef. I worked evening and weekends for free in restaurants to gain my qualifications and experience. I then went on to work in restaurants as a chef. Joined Sodexo defence in 2011 as a chef I became a head chef after 3 months. I transferred to independents by Sodexo in 2015 as a sous chef before becoming a catering manager of a prep school in the north east.

My mother was a chef and after marrying one it became clear to me that was the path I wanted to follow.  I love that my role within Sodexo has allowed me to grow not only as a chef but as a manager, which in turn has allowed me to bring together a catering team that I am extremely proud of.

I’m most passionate about good healthy, well balanced food and nutation.