Eton College

Eton College

A truly outstanding food experience.

Eton College is a leading independent boys’ boarding school that combines a commitment to academic excellence with a well-rounded education. Located just across the river Thames from Windsor, the school sits within a 400-acre estate, with around 1300 boys ranging in age from 13 to 18 residing in one of 25 boarding houses that becomes their home while at Eton.

We have a highly skilled, passionate and professional team that supports us at Eton from the Managing Director down.

Ian Warwick,
Catering Director at Eton College

A history of dynamic service

Sodexo has been at Eton College since 1969. Today, we provide breakfast, lunch and supper to almost half of the boys in Bekynton, a large central dining complex, and to boys in two of the other 14 houses. We also provide fine dining to an incredible standard for formal events hosted by, for example, the Headmaster and Provost. Our dedicated hospitality team also cater for a vast array of events across the campus at the various meeting/conference rooms, galleries and sports pavilions. Busy Saturday summer afternoons see us serving up to 1500 teas for parents and boys, involved with cricket, tennis and athletics.

Keeping it incredible!

Our incredible chefs, food service assistants and managers are a truly talented and inspired team who genuinely enjoy making each meal a happy and vibrant dining experience. We pride ourselves in making everything from scratch, starting with the fresh bread every day. Boys love the huge variety of foods, starting with breakfast, which features cereals, a porridge bar, homemade granola, a cooked selection, continental meats and cheeses and a different smoothie each day and, incredibly, nine types of milk!

Our core menus contain both traditional and cutting-edge foods from around the world. Their favourites remain roast Dingley Dell pork, lasagne, lamb kleftiko and Jamaican jerk chicken with plantain. Lunch and dinner also present boys with a most amazing salad bar and on Saturday evenings, they enjoy new flavour profiles with a street food theme. It’s a different eating experience every day!

It’s an experience based on British-grown and produced foods across the menu range, with most of our ingredients coming from certified sustainable and animal welfare-protected sources. But given the boys’ interest in international cuisine, we’ve also featured vegan bao buns with pulled jackfruit and sweet celeriac slaw, Dominican chimichurri burgers with smoked mayonnaise in a brioche bun and Vietnamese pork banh mi with sriracha tahini sauce.

Attention to every detail

Boys participate in a wide range of pursuits and it’s always our pleasure to work with them to create food options for events and promotions they’re planning that contribute to a fabulous success. We’re also in regular contact with the dames of each house to accommodate any specific dietary needs of their boys, using the expertise of our dieticians to provide suitable food options for all.

Above all though, it’s our team’s total engagement with the boys and their dames that makes the difference – we’ve created a relationship that makes the food experience at Eton truly outstanding.