We build strong and lasting partnerships

Bringing People Together Through Food

Successful schools are communities. And nothing builds culture, empathy and collective wellbeing like the preparing and sharing of meals. We’re a creative partner for schools, bringing people together through food. Our approach to school food is simple: we believe that food served in schools should be good for everyone. As well as the school favourites they know and love, pupils have access to exciting, new and creative culinary delights from all around the world, as well as trending dishes and ingredients they want to try. We work hard to make sure every meal is balanced so children can learn and grow at their best.

At the heart of our offer, there is a partnership between our award-winning team and the schools we serve. We work together with schools to create the best possible food experience for their pupils. We listen to everyone; pupils, teachers, support staff and parents, crafting menus hand in hand, to deliver food experiences unique to every school. Every school gets what it wants – from creative meals that support learning, vibrant nutrition programs promoting healthy eating habits and options that appeal to every palate and plate.

For us this is personal and about building lasting and prosperous relationships, evidenced by partnerships that have thrived for decades.